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Implant-Retained Dentures

Finger pointing to model of placed implants that will support denturesImplant-retained dentures are an innovative restoration that has forever changed the way that dentists think about replacing teeth. Traditional dentures have limited success, as they are not secured, inconvenient, and at times, painful. Traditional dentures can make it difficult for you to eat your favorite foods, and because they tend to be unstable, you can find yourself in an embarrassing situation if your dentures slip or shift while you're speaking.

Implant-retained dentures have been created to deal with some of these problems, as they will work to replace the teeth that are missing with a dental bridge, and the only thing that will support it are four dental implants. Since fewer implants are required, the cost and treatment time with this restoration will both be significantly reduced. You'll also enjoy greater bone stability, reducing the necessity for bone grafting in order to improve bone volume.

Candidates for Implant-Retained Dentures

Some people will be better candidates than others when it comes to implant-retained dentures. If you are wearing traditional dentures and find them to be inconvenient or uncomfortable, you are a top candidate for this restorative option. If you are missing several natural teeth, implant-retained dentures may be the best possible treatment option, but you should be sure to call us to get an evaluation.

Implant-Retained Dentures vs. Dental Implants

Both dental implants and implant-retained dentures can be used to replace entire rows of teeth. However, while dental implants generally require 6–8 implants, implant-retained dentures will only require four.

Likewise, dental implants require at least two procedures to have the implants put into place. First, you'll have the titanium posts put into your jawbone, and then you'll be sent home for up to six months while the jawbone heals and the implant fuses around it. After that, you'll return for your follow-up appointment to get your final restorations. On the other hand, implant-retained dentures may be completed all in the same appointment, so you'll go from tooth loss to a beautiful and functional smile in just one visit.

Benefits of Implant-Retained Dentures

If you are considering implant-retained dentures, it is important that you weigh the pros and cons of this system. There are several benefits associated with choosing bar attachment dentures for your tooth loss:
•  Cost effective. As previously noted, your replacement teeth will only require four implants per jaw. Since you will require fewer implants than with traditional implants, the cost of your treatment will be reduced
•  Faster healing and treatment time. The replacement arch and implants will be attached immediately
•  Less chance for requiring a bone graft. The way that the two implants are tilted will ensure that they are properly anchored, and this generally makes it unnecessary to also pursue bone grafting, even if the bone is limited

Best of all, the implant-retained denture has been getting excellent reviews, and outcomes from clinical trials over the past several years have come back with extremely favorable results.

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